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March 16th Community Education Meeting



Thank you to the large number of you who turned up at Broach Hall on the evening of March 16th to hear from Historic Elizabeth Neighborhood Foundation (HENF) regarding a potential Local Historic District for the Elizabeth Community.  We appreciated the candid dialogue and perspective of neighbors both for and against designation.  


As we stated during our meeting, our goal is to have a dialogue on the merits and ultimately a neighborhood vote.  We covered a lot of information and will do so again in our next meeting on Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 pm at Broach Hall, St. John’s Baptist Church.  Over the coming days, we will share materials at  Neighbors can also submit questions directly to the board at  We will be answering these questions publicly via our website.


You can also request stickers and signs by emailing us at, or by reaching out directly to a board member as listed on our website.


Finally, we recognize the topic of local historic district designation to be both emotional and personal.  We kindly request all neighbors to be thoughtful, civil and respectful to one another throughout the dialogue, both in person as well as via Elizabeth Families Google group and Next Door.  HENF will make every effort to demonstrate the same things.


Thank you,

Clif Settlemeyer and the HENF Board

President, Historic Elizabeth Neighborhood Foundation

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